My main issue was "eating well with Parkinsons".

I enjoyed both the questionnaires and the discussions that followed as both made me think more about what I was eating, and why? After the sessions I wanted to, and did take action to change my diet.

Lucy is well worth talking to about diet and nutrition as she knows her subject, gently leads you to better choices and doesn't pressurise you into weird or expensive options. I trust her to put my interests first


I sought help with my diet and nutrition as I suffer from IBS which is made worse by my generally bad diet containing little to no vegetables which I struggle to stomach.


We successfully managed to get more fruit and veg in my diet gradually each month as well as focus on things in my diet to cut down/out specifically to help my weight loss and improve my IBS.


Since improving my diet along with exercise and recommended supplements my energy levels have increased dramatically, I find it easier to wake in the mornings and I generally just want to do more throughout the day, no longer feeling content to just sit around.


My mood and general disposition have also improved, and the cherry on top is that most of my IBS symptoms have drastically reduced in severity / frequency.


I found the process very organised and helpful, in each of my monthly sessions with Lucy the atmosphere was very relaxed and welcoming, I felt comfortable enough to be completely open with my situation physically and emotionally.