Reclaim your health, vitality and passion for life.

with the
Modern Mum's Nutritionist

Go from Frazzled to Fabulous, and reclaim the pre-baby YOU.

Tired of always being tired?
Energy levels on the floor?
Zero time for "self-care"?
Totally confused about what you should be eating?

You're in the right place.


I understand how you feel. As a working mother of two, I know the challenges of keeping up with all those responsibilities. You are striving to be the perfect parent, the perfect partner, the perfect colleague. You look at everyone else and think “they make it look so easy, so why do I feel so exhausted?”. You put 110% into every area of your life….except yourself.

Let me tell you a secret. . . .

No one finds parenthood easy, let alone juggling a family, holding down a career and trying to keep the house tidy. It is hard! Make no mistake, it isn’t easy and nor should you feel like it should be.

But that doesn't mean you have to be at the bottom of the priority list

Are you ready to prioritise yourself?


If you look in the mirror, what do you see? Do you relate to the person looking back at you? Do you wonder what happened to that person in the photos on the living room wall. She's smiley, vibrant, full-of-energy. You can get her back.

What have you been putting up with without realising? Feeling slow in the morning, relying on that huge coffee to kick start your day, getting to 3pm and wondering how on earth you'll make it past the kids' bedtime? Using up every ounce of energy to get you through to 9pm?

Let me help you.


My Programmes are aimed at helping you take back control of your health and happiness. To put yourself first, to spend time focussing on your body, where it's letting you down and what you might like to improve.


It could be to lose those stubborn few pounds, improve niggling digestive issues, manage your stress and anxiety or a combination of these.


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Would you like to know more?

"Since improving my diet along with exercise, my energy levels have increased dramatically, I find it easier to wake in the mornings and I generally just want to 'do more' throughout the day.


My mood has improved and the cherry on the top is my IBS symptoms have drastically reduced in severity and frequency"

— James

"After my sessions, I wanted to (and did) take action to change my diet

Lucy knows her subject, and gently leads you to better choices. I trusted her to put my interests first"

-  Bryen