Hi! I'm Lucy, a Registered (mBANT) Nutritional Therapist and Health Coach, mum of two girls (Eila and Suri) and lover of all things nutrition.

I have always had a strong passion for health and nutrition, but doing it for a living was a pipe dream. After fifteen years working as a Project Manager, and seeing countless female friends, relations and colleagues trying to keep up with the unrelenting demands of modern life, and the huge sacrifices they were making, I realised I really wanted to help them. I studied for three years at the prestigious Institute of Optimum Nutrition diploma, with additional Health Coach training.

I see the expectations women are put under today - not only are they expected to raise perfectly behaved children and have a super-tidy house, they are also expected to juggle careers alongside this. And heaven forbid you complain or say its hard!

What I realised is that women today are working so, so hard at fitting into all the societal roles expected of them, but forgetting about the one person that truly matters - herself.

I started this business to educate and help women who feel they have no time for themselves, who don't prioritise their own health, wellbeing and needs, and to encourage a little bit of "selfishness"! After all - a happy, healthy woman is much better equipped to fulfil all those other roles she has in life, but the number one role you have is You.

What people need to do to be 'healthy' has turned into a complete minefield of conflicting information, myths and information overload, and people are left thoroughly confused about the 'right' way to eat. My belief is that everyone can, and should, feel like their best self every day, and that with the right advice and guidance, everyone has the tools and ability to feel on top of their game.


My promise...

to you will be to work with you and alongside your existing lifestyle commitments to find a way for you to achieve your health goals, and to feel empowered to commit to these in the long-term, whilst enjoying the journey along the way and feeling educated on how to nourish your body.