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About Me

Registered (mBANT) Nutritional Therapist & Certified Health Coach

I have always had a strong interest in female health and nutrition. After fifteen years working in the corporate world, I saw countless female friends and colleagues trying to keep up with the unrelenting demands of their jobs. Behind this, they were fighting a silent battle of their own; changing hormones were pushing them towards chronic stress, burn-out, feelings of not being able to cope, and they were resigning themselves to this being their new 'normal',


I made it my mission to help and support women through what can be, but doesn't need to be, a challenging part of her life.

Lucy Patel

I set up my Female Health Nutrition Clinic for busy women who are looking for personalized nutrition and lifestyle support, and are ready to put their health back onto their priority list. Whether you're looking to get on the front foot and nurture your health now, or you have multiple, chronic symptoms that nothing you've tried has helped, I offer a range of services to help you with what you need right now. My approach is always personalized to you; no two clients will have the same plan and strategy, and this is one of the key principles behind what I do. All services are fully tailored to you, your needs, and your goals; and I work with you to ensure that you can take onboard changes without feeling overwhelmed or deprived.

Peri-menopause will affect us all, but you can be in control of your journey. It is not a given that weight gain, mood swings, fear, anxiety, and a loss of desire are how it goes for you. Own it - don't let it own you.

I became a Nutritionist to educate and help women like you who feel they have spent years just 'coping', existing each day and just about managing to make it through the day. Now is your time; don't settle for feeling average. Demand more from your health, and know that navigating through peri-menopause doesn't need to be an uphill struggle. It can be the start of something new; new purpose, new desires, new goals. Embrace this time, and give your body the time and dedication it needs to work at its best for you.

I have undertaken extensive additional training in the field of female health, and continue to expand my knowledge and understanding of this complex area through regular continuous professional development through seminars, workshops and conferences.

I am accredited by the Complementary & Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), and a BANT-Registered Nutritionist® approved by the British Association for Nutrition & Lifestyle Medicine. As such, my clinic meets the exacting standards of clinical excellence and professionalism required by these bodies.

My promise to you...

I will work with you and alongside your existing life and commitments to find a way for you to:

  • Manage & understand your hormones

  • Have boundless energy

  • Lose weight steadily

  • Banish chronic stress and anxiety

  • Feel educated on how to nourish your body

  • Reclaim your health (and your social life!)

  • Re-discover your confidence and enjoyment of life

  • Enjoy the journey along the way