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Let's Make Perimenopause Your Best Years Yet

My signature Perimenopause Programme THRIVE is designed specifically for those who are ready to invest, put in the work and make powerful, long-lasting changes to their health and their future.


Using a combination of dietary support, lifestyle changes, coaching, targeted supplementation and functional testing, THRIVE will give you all of the structure and support to finally resolve long-standing perimenopause symptoms.


Perimenopause can shape itself in many forms. It can be tough, but what I would like you to remember is that this is a natural part of ageing well. It isn't to be cured, or dampened, or pushed back. Perimenopause is a healthy, natural gateway to the next phase of your life.


I am very aware though, that this transition can be tough. Whether you're fighting a seemingly fruitless battle with persistent chronic stress and anxiety, out of control weight gain, a volatile and increasingly unpredictable mood, or infruriatingly-timed and frustrating forgetfulness, I will hold your hand through it all and make sure that together, we get you to where you want to be.


Following a carefully curated, tried and tested process, I will guide you with positivity on this journey. I will help you to step into the next stage of your life confident, happy, full of energy and back in control.

Now, if you have been struggling with chronic symptoms for years, it will take time to bring things back into balance. Allow yourself this time to truly heal; patience is a crucial ingredient when embarking on this Programme, but the results are well worth it, I promise you.

How do I know if Thrive is right for me?

You are in (or suspect you may be in) perimenopause

You are experiencing steady weight gain, or struggling with weight loss

You feel constantly stressed, overwhelmed and anxious

You've been to see your Doctor and haven't been offered a solution

Your energy levels are low, unpredictable and you frequently feel fatigued

You are totally done with feeling like a passenger, and want to reclaim the joy out of life

You are committed, ready to invest, and ready to put in the effort and get results!


This is my Signature 4 month Perimenopause Programme which has been developed specifically for women who have begun the transition through perimenopause.

In this Programme, we will address everything to make sure you enjoy a smooth transition and come out the other side feeling energised, excited and confident.

The Programme focuses on sustainable, simple yet impactful changes that will fit around an already busy schedule.

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Thrive includes:

  • An in-depth assessment to understand your current symptoms, your goals, family & medical history, and your current lifestyle

  • A 75 minute Initial consultation via zoom/in person (whichever suits you best)

  • Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plans, which we adapt after each appointment

  • Five 45 minute follow-up consultations where we delve into specific areas of your health (ie. sleep, stress, gut health). You will have fortnightly sessions initially, and then the final two will be one month apart.

  • Voxer/Voice Note Support throughout your Programme

  • Medication and supplement interaction check (if applicable)

  • 10% off Practitioner-grade supplements

  • Optional Add-On: DUTCH Complete Sex and Adrenal Test (see here for details)

The investment for the 4 Month Thrive Programme is £330/month. I also recommend budgeting for any supplements I recommend to support you on your journey.

If are interested in signing up to the Thrive Programme, book in for a free 20 minute intro call and let's check its the right fit for you.

Take a look at some of the amazing results my Clients have had with the Thrive Programme.


"Working with Lucy has been a game changer for me. When I met Lucy I was stressed out, overweight and unable to shift even a pound. By the end of my Programme I felt like a totally different person.
She is, without a doubt, the person who will help you become the better version of your current self!
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