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Are you ready to Flourish? 

Join other women on a journey through a positive perimenopause and a future full of promise.

Image by Mariana Medvedeva

Are you done with Googling your ever-growing list of symptoms, wondering why perimenopause seems to have hit you like a sledgehammer, and becoming increasingly confused by all the "advice" from celebs and influencers on what you should be doing?

'Should I fast?'
Should I stop eating carbs?'
Should I drink lots of celery juice?'
Should I do more cardio?'
'...or is it more weights?'
'Do I need blood tests?'

'Should I be taking supplements?'
'I'm not even sure if I AM in perimenopause?!'

I get it. Perimenopause talk is EVERYWHERE (don't get me wrong, it's great we are now talking about it more openly).


But with that come the quick and fast "solutions" and "cures" and "banish your symptoms in 4 weeks" - type nonsense which, to be blunt, do not work.

To be clear, this Programme is NOT about focussing on individual perimenopause symptoms and cherry-picking specific strategies for certain individual symptoms.

This Programme is about whole-body and mind wellness. I will teach you the best foods to eat, the most supportive movement, we'll get you sleeping better, feeling happier, taking back control of your energy and time, re-aligning your whole purpose and perspective on life.


Basically, you will feel like a new woman by the end. An empowered, savvy and confident woman who no longer fears perimenopause. Like the "old" you - the person you feel you have lost somewhere along the way. Let's get her back!

Remember, perimenopause isn't something to resolve, fix or cure; it just needs managing & understanding, and this course will teach you everything you need to be able to do just that.


I have spent the last two years helping countless perimenopausal women learn how to thrive again as they navigate perimenopause, helping them reach a place where they are thriving, happy and excited about life again. You can read some of their stories here.

But there was a limit as to how many women I could help; and as my 121 Programme spaces filled up I realised that I could (and needed to) help more women at a time. I just needed to distill everything from my 121 method and structure into a Programme. So, here it is!

Flourish is the first Programme of its kind. I have broken down everything I teach my private 121 perimenopause clients into 10 action-focussed, easy to digest modules, all focussing on a crucial aspect of helping you transition through perimenopause as smoothly as possible. 

This isn't a diet plan. It is so much more than that...

By the end of the Flourish Programme you WILL feel empowered, healthy, confident, energised and excited to move along your perimenopause journey.

The Programme

Flourish teaches you everything you will ever need to know to make the next decade and beyond your best yet.


From what (and when) you eat, to how to put in place better boundaries, getting your stress and anxiety under control, why your gut health matters, to how to advocate for yourself with your Doctor.


It is a fully comprehensive Programme designed to lead you to a place where you know exactly how to help you through this time, irrespective of the types of symptoms you are experiencing. If you follow the steps, and complete the work, by the end of the Programme you WILL feel empowered, healthy, confident, energised and excited to move along your perimenopause journey.

The Modules


Setting your baseline - your goals, root causes & key symptoms

Establish where you are right now, what the most likely reasons are behind your symptoms and challenges, and start to track your cycle and symptoms so you can understand yourself better as you move through the Programme.


Happy Gut, Happy Hormones!

Your gut is the gatekeeper of what stays in and what gets out of the body; and when it comes to hormones, it is vital your gut is working effectively to clear a build up of hormones which is common during perimenopause. You'll learn how to support a happy gut so it can support effective hormone clearance.


Eat Right every Day and Meal Prep Easily Each Week

Here we move into the super practical side of things - eating the right foods every day and never being caught short again. Say goodbye to 5PM panicked cupboard raiding! You'll learn how to build hormone-supporting meals every day with ease, and make snacking a healthy part of your eating habits.


Create Your Sleep Sanctuary

Sleep and perimenopause - not typically happy bedfellows! But they can be; I will help you create the perfect sleep sanctuary and wind down routines, so that you can enjoy longer, deeper and more restful sleep. Rediscover the perfect night's sleep and all the benefits it brings.


Diet Disruptors: Caffeine, Alcohol & Sugar

Don't worry, we aren't taking total abstinence on any of these things. But they are important things to manage and can have a pretty significant impact on your symptoms. So we'll look at how you can still enjoy these in a way that won't cause you any headaches (quite literally😉 ), and look at alternative options .


Finding Your Inner Calm

Stress - it is everywhere, and has become part and parcel of most of our lives. But as we enter perimenopause, it becomes so important to get your stress under control. We'll explore different stress management techniques (that are simple and easy to incorporate into your day), and help you to understand the sources of your stress and take steps to manage these better.


Fasting, Portions & When To Eat

If talk of intermittent fasting leaves you in a state of confusion, never fear. This module is all about eating patterns - the ideal eating window, the best meal sizes to support your energy, mood (and weight) in perimenopause, and 


Blood Testing, Supplements & Advocating for Yourself

No more frustrating appointments with your doctor and frantic buying of any and all supplements that promise you results. Here, you will learn what tests to ask for from your doctor and why, which supplements can help support different symptoms, and what to be mindful of when purchasing supplements to ensure you stay safe and don't waste your money.


Fit, Strong, Happy

You know that movement is important in perimenopause, but why is it so hard to stick to? In this module, we explore the importance of movement, especially as you move through perimenopause, to support bone, muscle and heart health. We'll explore different movement options, how to fit these into your already-packed schedule, and develop your very own plan that you can stick to.


Mindfulness, Confidence & Embedding Healthy Habits

In this Special Bonus Module from Mindset Coach Carol-Ann Reid, you will learn how to cultivate a more positive mindset, tame that inner critic, and ensure you embed everything you have learned throughout the Programme into your daily routine.

Investment Options

Flourish brings you everything I teach my 1:1 private clients at a much more affordable price point.

The investment for the full Programme is £850. You have the option to spread the cost over three months.

  • How has the Programme been designed to ensure I get results?
    I specifically didn't want this Programme to require you to sit and watch hour-long videos with a notebook well into your evenings! Flourish has been built around simplicity and action; I have made it as uncomplicated as possible, breaking down topics into small bitesize videos, but most importantly every module has clear, simple actions for you to take, and resources that you can print off and keep. It has been designed so that you will see results within a couple of weeks, which will motivate you to keep going and help you build confidence during the course of the Programme.
  • How long will I have access to the Programme materials?
    Flourish is designed to be completed in 20 weeks; this means around 2 weeks per module to watch the videos, complete the action steps, and most importantly to allow time to really embed your new habits. Setting a timeframe is important; this leads to accountability, action, and of course, results. "Unlimited access" will (I guarantee you), lead to you purchasing the Programme and then letting it sit there in your inbox for weeks without getting started. And we know this does not get results! You can work through the modules at your own pace; and whilst I recommend setting aside time each week to commit to watching the videos and working through the action steps, the beauty of Flourish is that you set the pace. If a busy couple of weeks hits - that's okay. There is plenty of time to catch up.
  • What if I feel I would benefit from some 121 support as well?
    If you feel you would benefit from a 121 session with me to help you get better results, my door is open. I would recommend getting started with the Programme, using the Facebook Group and monthly calls as much as you can, and then if you are still feeling a little stuck, we can book you in for a 121 and work through your challenges.
  • What if I feel a module isn't relevant for me?
    I genuinely believe that every module in Flourish will benefit every single person. However if you genuinely feel you have absolutely nothing to learn from a topic (and I doubt this is the case for anyone!), you can just skip ahead and move onto the next one. What I would say is that even if you think you have everything nailed in life with that topic - watch it anyway, even if its just to reaffirm how great you are doing. Chances are there'll be some nuggets of information in there that can help you make things even better in that area.
  • How will I make sure I stay on track and get the results I want?
    This is more than just an online course, which you pay for and are then left to your own devices to complete and implement the steps. You will be learning alongside others, and will have access to a private Programme Facebook Group to ask questions and support each other. In addition, there will be a Live group call with me once a fortnight where you can bring any and all questions you have and get the support and motivation to help you succeed. Maybe you're struggling to implement the actions from a particular module, maybe you're feeling a little overwhelmed. Whatever it is, I am here to help and guide you through. 20 weeks after purchasing the Programme, you have the option of staying in the Facebook group for a small monthly fee, and to stay connected to the Programme community and continue getting that important support, connection and motivation from other women on the same journey.
  • What if I can't attend the Live calls?
    Don't worry - all calls will be saved down into the main Programme area under "Call Recordings", so you can catch up in your own time.
  • How long do the Group calls last?
    These will be planned in to last 1 hour, but sometimes they will be longer/shorter depending on how many people join/what questions get raised. I will run the call for as long as the group need to leave everyone happy and focussed on their next steps. If for any reason you need to drop off early, just let me know in advance so I can bring you to the top of the agenda and ensure you ask any questions you have.
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