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Fertility Support

The moment you decide you start trying for a baby can be a beautiful thing.


But for some, the journey isn't as easy or straighforward as for everyone else.


121 Fertility Nutritional Therapy Programmes are designed specifically for those who want to do everything in their power to maximise their chances of a successful pregnancy.

Your own health can have a huge impact on your conception journey. I want to not only support you getting pregnant, but to ensure that YOU are in the best, healthiest place to nurture your pregnancy smoothly.

The first step is to talk through where you are at, right now; whether you are wanting to get on the front foot with maximising your chances early one, or if you have already experienced challenges on your journey to making a baby.

My role is to take you through a process that best fits where you are at; to support you with getting the right tests done, the most effective supplement plan in place, and to work with you to make sure you are sleeping well, stressing less, and eating in a way that will maximise your chances of growing your family.

How do I know if a 121 Fertility Programme is right for me?

You have started trying to conceive and are eager to maximise your chances of a successful pregnancy

You are struggling to conceive naturally without any clear reason why

You have experienced a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages, without any clear reason identified

You are planning to do IVF and want to improve your egg quality

You have been diagnosed with PCOS and want to support with maximising your chances of conception

The Natural Fertility Programme

Whether you are at the beginning of your conception journey and wish to maximise your chances of conceiving, or you have experienced the heartbreak of miscarriage or are struggling to conceive, this Programme will ensure you are in the best possible place to successfully conceive.

Every woman's fertility journey is different, and this Programme follows a structured process to understand what issues are at play, focussing on egg and sperm quality, endometrial health, addressing inflammation or immune issues, making sure your gut health is on point, and ensuring you are in the best possibly place to have a successful pregnancy.

The Natural Fertility Programme includes:

  • An in-depth assessment and questionnaire to understand where you currently are on your journey.

  • A 75 minute Initial consultation via zoom/in person to get to the bottom of what issues you have already faced while trying to conceive, and review all of your medical and blood test results.

  • We will develop your first plan based on thisI will explain any additional tests or investigations I believe are necessary, and will help you co-ordinate these with your GP/Consultant.

  • There will be specific supplements for you to take (these vary depending on what might be going on for you). I will explain each one, and create a an order for you to simply go and purchase.

  • You will receive a Personalised Nutrition & Lifestyle Plan after each appointment, which clearly explains the things for you to focus on.

  • You will then have two 45 minute follow-up consultations where we will review any additional test results, and dig into specific areas of your health to maximise your chances of conception  (ie. sleep, stress, gut health)

  • You will have Voxer/Voice Note support from me throughout your Programme. 

  • 10% off Practitioner-grade supplements

The investment for the 3 month Natural Fertility Programme is £400/month (per couple). I also recommend budgeting for any supplements I recommend to support you on your journey.

If are interested in signing up to the Natural Fertility Programme, book in for your free 20 minute introductory call and let's see if its the right Programme for you.

"I am so happy to say that I am now 5 months pregnant and feel great. Its safe to say that I was able to reach my goals of understanding nutrition and gut health, regain my energy, improve IBS symptoms and most importantly being able to get pregnant 🥳
It's amazing what putting your health first and understanding how nutrition impacts hormones can do"


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