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  • 20Weeks
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About the Programme

Flourish is every woman's one-stop-shop to learning how to thrive as they enter perimenopause. With an abundance of information available on perimenopause, this has resulted in a lot of confusion, overwhelm and frustration for women who are trying every Google recommendation to help alleviate their symptoms (and not getting the results they need). This course simplies everything right back down to basics; good nutrition, the right types of movement, prioritising sleep, how to get a handle on your stress and anxiety, your mindset and outlook. We cover it all; and what's more, you'll be given bitesize, very achieveable yet powerful actions throughout, to help you stay accountable and get you the results you've been looking for. The Programme includes Modules on the following topics: Module 1: Perimenopause Decoded: Understanding Your Hormones Module 2: The Three Diet Principles for a Smooth Perimenopause Module 3: Unmasking the Truth about Sugar, Caffeine & Alcohol Module 4: Fasting, Eating Windows, and Portion Management Module 5: Get Fit, Get Strong: Muscle Mass, Protein & Strength Training Module 6: Nurture Your Gut for Holistic Wellness Module 7: Create Your Sleep Sanctuary for Restorative Nights Module 8: The Stress Solution Module 9: Blood testing & Making your Case with your GP Module 10: Mindset, Boundaries, and Purpose + A Special Guest! This really is the most comprehensive and evidence-driven Programme there is out there!

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