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Cat and I are delighted to confirm that the next Self Care Sunday event will be running in Spring 2023. After the success of the two 2022 events, we are excited to bring you two more retreats next year based in Cheshire.

Cat and I have been running regular self care mini retreats since May 2022, aimed at offering busy women a way to incorporate regular self-care into their lives.

Designed by two very busy Mums, for busy Mums, the "Self Care Sundays" series of retreats is a unique blend of nutrition education, yoga, breathwork and a safe space for women to come together and talk openly about their experiences as a woman.


Our mini retreats run every 4-6 months, and you are guaranteed to leave feeling energised, educated and empowered. Each event is carefully curated to support specific areas of health and wellbeing.

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Mother Nurture

15th May 2022

Rhythm & Flow Launch.png

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Rhythm & Flow: Harness Your Hormones

24th July 2022

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