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Are you ready to


Are you ready to ditch the negative narrative and make perimenopause your healthiest and best years yet?

I’m working with a new group of ladies next month to put in place everything you will ever need to make perimenopause an easy ride.

No diets.

No fads.

No weird or expensive rituals.

Just simple, powerful, practical and easy strategies that will leave you feeling back in control, more confident and totally owning your perimenopause journey.


This programme isn’t for everyone, but we could be a good fit if 2-3 of these describe your current situation:

  • You are spending more and more time Googling an ever-growing list of symptoms, asking "Is this perimenopause!?"

  • Your weight is creeping up despite you cutting back on calories, ditching carbs, and exercising more. It just isn't shifting, no matter what you try.

  • Your sleep is shot to pieces; constant wake ups, night sweats, and waking up feeling like you need another 3 hours just to function.

  • Your eating habits have taken a hit; you're snacking more, cooking less, relying on quick energy fixes, caffeine and alcohol to keep you going.

  • Your stress and anxiety are off the scale; your resilience and ability to cope with what life is throwing your way have plummeted.

  • You're now ready to prioritise investing time into getting you back to where you want to be; you're in it for the long game and are interested in forming new, long lasting and healthy habits (not short term fads and quick fixes).


If you’re nodding along to 2-3 of the above, I’d love to hear from you.

I’m a ‘let’s get on a call’ kind of person, so I invite you to book a quick 15 min chat below with me so we can see if Flourish is right for you.

On this call, you’ll get more clarity on the likely root causes of why you're feeling the way you do, and we'll set you up with some powerful actions to help.


If I think we can help you, I'll tell you more about the Programme and see if you'd like to come onboard.

And if we’re not a good fit, you’ll leave with a couple of pointers to help you move things along. What I can promise you is that this 15 minutes will be worth your time.

Please note, as a Mum and Business Owner, time is my most valuable asset (which I am sure you totally get). I only take on clients who are really ready to invest and put in the work. I will guide you through every step, but you need to be ready to implement what you learn and put yourself first.

The investment in the Flourish Programme is £850, so please only book a call if you are genuinely ready to take action and start putting your health and happiness back to the top of your teetering to-do list.

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