My Programmes are aimed at helping women take back control of their health and happiness. To put themselves first, to spend time focussing on their body, where it's letting you down and what you might like to improve. It could be to lose those stubborn few pounds, improve niggling digestive issues, reduce stress and anxiety or a combination of these.

I run two bespoke Programmes which are fully tailored to each individual client. I only take on a limited number of clients per month to ensure my focus and commitment to you during this time.

My two programmes, "ENERGISE" and "RE-BALANCE", are designed specifically to address every aspect of your journey, from initial fact finding and gaining a deeper understanding of your goals and challenges, your lifestyle, diet and family history, to working on a bespoke dietary and lifestyle changes aimed specifically at your health goals. 


We will adapt your Programme as you progress, as we understand together what drives you, what challenges you, your likes and dislikes, always keeping your goals front and centre. I believe this to be the most important driver for success, and I will help coach you through this process to ensure you reach those goals.

All Programmes include:

  • Face to Face Consultations with me via Zoom

  • A Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle Programme, which we will adapt as you progress through your Programme

  • A Personalised Supplement Programme (if appropriate)

  • A Comprehensive 3-day Food Diary Analysis

  • Phone check-ins

  • Health coaching support throughout

The Re-Balance Programme offers a more comprehensive service, with weekly support via email/WhatsApp when required.

Programmes start from £450.  


Book a Free, no obligation chat with me and I can talk you through these in more detail, and we can decide which Programme sounds best for you based on your goals.


Fancy a Chat?

I offer a FREE, no obligation 20-Minute Consultation so you can tell me a little bit more about where you need help, and so I can set you on the right path.