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Self Care Sundays

Healthy Habits: Happy Life

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After two hugely successful events in 2022, Self Care Sundays returns with this very special mini retreat...with a difference.

Cat from Deeply Practices Yoga and I started Self Care Sundays for one main reason; to offer the modern woman space to learn, explore, relax and reconnect with herself. As busy Mums ourselves, both running our own businesses, we know first hand how challenging it is being a woman today.

The things we must do are never-ending; the to-do list is never done, the laundry continues to pile up, we take on the emotional support of children, partners and parents, and we can easily find that weeks and months have passed with barely an hour to ourselves doing something we truly enjoy, and that is just for us.


The pressure then to keep ourselves well - being bombarded with health advice and the perfect "wellness routines", do we all really have time for 45 minutes of meditation, a morning walk and a freshly prepared smoothie before we start our day?!

We spent a long time thinking about what style of event women really, really need right now. Where are women struggling? What practical steps can we help you take to lead you to a happier and more contented life?

The third retreat from Cat and I focusses on how to actually implement all of the things you've read, heard, seen, found on social media, been told to do (the list goes on!). This is a practical, hands on event where you will look at your routines, your habits, your boundaries, and create ones that work for you in a completely realistic way.

Expect to leave feeling back in control, with a clear path to success!

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What you can expect from the event


Setting New Habits & Routines

  • Take part in a sharing circle, identify your current habits, what you want to do more of, what you'd like a little less of, which habits are holding you back, or that you're finding really hard to break.

  • Pinpoint the specific obstacles that have been getting in your way.

  • Develop a perfect morning routine to kick start each and every day in a positive way.

  • Finally, we'll look at your evening routine, and ensure you are allowing yourself genuine rest (body and mind).


Gentle Yoga Practice

  • Cat will take you through a relaxing, gentle yoga practice including breathwork and meditation. Zone out from the busy world and tune in to you so you can connect to self, it’s needs and lose the ego pressure.

  • This connection and mental clarity will be your flow state for the rest of the retreat.

  • If you have never done yoga before, don't worry. This is a self-paced class with zero headstands ;-)


You'll be fed and watered throughout the day!

  • We'll be keeping you very busy so we will be keeping you fed throughout the day!

  • You'll get an arrival tea and snack before we kick off the first session.

  • We'll then enjoy a delicious lunch together prepared by Sandy Lane Tea Rooms

  • ....and more tea in the afternoon (because you can never have too much tea...)


Boundaries, Self Respect and Social Connection

  • Reconnect with your core values and beliefs - find out what really makes you tick.

  • With our guidance, you will create your own meaningful & relevant affirmations that are personal to you

  • Explore your support network and who truly matters to you.

  • We'll also discuss emotions, and why we need to honour all of these (including the "bad ones"), and to drop the shame and guilt we often feel.

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